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What Is a Mindset?

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A mindset is a way of thinking. It is a lens that allows you to see what you want in this world. Unlike beliefs and values, a mindset is something that is fairly easy to change with awareness, practice and determination. It is the general perspective you have on life and how you react to various situations. In some ways, you can say that values are what unites us, beliefs can divide us and mindsets will decide if you live a fulfilling and abundant life.

Our mindset can stop us from achieving our goals and accessing our desires in life. It doesn’t matter what beliefs or values you have, if you have the wrong mindset, it can limit you and hinder your general sense of happiness. On the other hand, feeding the right mindset will be essential for you to create the life you want.

An individual can have a mindset but we can also observe mindsets in organizations, groups, families and friends. In the case of a group mindset, it is basically the way that a group will think when together. For example, you might think in more creative ways when you are at work because your team encourages you to think outside the box.

The goal is to empower you to switch your mindset to one that will positively transform your life and attract abundance and wealth. In the next chapter, you will learn about the different mindsets that exist.

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