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3. The Little Voices In Your Head

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Your subconscious mind controls all the vital processes of your body. It already knows the answer to your problems and it already knows how to heal you. Sometimes we called it “The Little Voices In Your Head” .

That is why we oftentimes have conversations with ourselves. Our subconscious is constantly “talking” to us and often answering itself at the same time. 

We may, for example, remind ourselves we have an important exam the next day and our subconscious reminds us we need to study for it. 

This is called a positive self-talk and for many occasions to come, this type of subconscious activity can be life changing. 

However there are times when we might trigger a negative reaction. For instance, instead of studying for it, we let out anxiousness and nervousness take control. It repels us from taking the proper actions. 

The Interaction With Subconscious Mind

Even though the subconscious mind is a highly complex zone, it is possible for you to interact with it using the little voices in your head. It is part of the brain that deals with your sensitive insecurities. 

subconscious mind

That is why it is difficult to take control of the subconscious mind. Although it is impossible for you to take full control of it. However, it is possible to attain partial control. 

So, how can you achieve this? 

Take Control Your Subconscious Mind Power

There are 3 simple steps to it.

Step #1 – Set Reminders

First one is by constantly leaving Physical Reminders. 

set reminder

For instance, if you are on a goal to lose weight, write down the dos and don’ts to achieve your goal. You can write them on a piece of paper, journal or even place it on the wall. With it, you can control your subconscious mind with repeated reminders. 

Step #2 – Meditation Your Mind

meditation little voice in your head

This step helps to control your subconscious mind through a series of mental concentration. It may be hard to concentrate during the initial days, but with time, you can achieve it. In meditation, you do not visualize anything; you just concentrate on your thoughts, by emptying it. 

All you have to do is relax. Close your eyes and gather all your thoughts to a single point of concentration. Once you achieved relaxation, open your eyes slowly and affirm to yourself that you are at peace. 

Step #3 – Visualize Your Goal

visualise your goal

Once you managed to concentrate on meditation, now is the time to visualize your goals. It gives you the motivation to achieve your goal. You can only control your subconscious mind once you visualize your goal. 

Learn to visualize the act of achieving your goals in your mind. 

Commit To Your Promise

After all these steps, make promises to someone you trust so you are holding yourself accountable to achieve your goal. It can be anyone close to you that shares the same sentiment or dreams. 


Inevitably, you will often receive both positive and negative feedback from them. Both will leave an impact on the subconscious mind. In addition, by having an optimistic attitude, the negative feedback serves as an urge to deliver the promises. 

In time, a positive attitude will help tune your demeaning habits. 

Did you know that most of the habits come from your subconscious mind? Ever wonder how you ended up creating a certain habit that you are not even aware of its origin? 

Say for example your drinking habit is getting out of hand. You could easily blame your surroundings and the people you grew up with. What’s more, if you know it is detrimental for you, why are you letting it pass? 

See, what you need to pay close attention to is how these habits did grow. By constantly repeating some actions or thoughts, you have grown accustomed to the habit. 

After several times, it will be reflected in your subconscious mind. The end result would be in the form of acceptance; your subconscious mind accepts it as part of your daily routine thus, a habit. 

Activate Powerful Subconscious Mind

A positive habit will turn your subconscious mind into one of the most powerful ally to achieve a powerful mindset. 

strong-kid little voices in your head

Most people do not know how to manipulate their subconscious mind or the power of their habit. However, if you can use it to its full potential, you can find solutions to almost any problems in your life. 

Even though the subconscious mind works twenty-four hours a day, it becomes active on the passiveness of the conscious mind. 

“How do you use the subconscious mind?” Here are some strategies that will help you to learn to use the subconscious mind. 

Identify Your Problem

First, notify the problems you are having by asking your subconscious mind to seek for it. What you need to focus on is the solutions to the problems. 

Remind the subconscious mind by repeating the problems that you have and stressing on searching for the answers. Visualize the problem to find solutions. This is what we call the input step. 

Process Into Your Mind

Next is the processing step. For this, you have to relax your mind by involving in activities that are not stressful to you, be it listening to music or doing sports. The aim is to avoid stress. 

The more you can avoid stress, the more easily you can find definite and positive solutions to your problems. 

The Solution

Finally, it is the output stage. After the little voices in your head seeks a solution to the problems, it lets you know by giving you a certain feeling. 

The most important thing for you is to understand and process the feeling. 

The fact is, most of the time, you may not even pay much attention to the feeling borne by your subconscious mind. 

Sometimes it is vague, like images or simple thoughts rolling in your mind. So next time you are experiencing this, remember to take a step back and process that feeling. 

It could lead to the answer you are seeking. 

You have understood the little voices in your head. Now, it’s time to find out “The Conflict Between Good And Bad”

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