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8. – The Ultimate Law Of Attraction

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The Law Of Attraction – Discover how to use it to your advantage and take a step closer to your ambitions, goals, and dreams.

Do you know a person who is always happy and positive about themselves and life in general?

They never seem to have a problem and they are able to deal with things in life with composure and grace.

Do you wish you were more like them and you are able to deal with your life circumstances like they do? 

These people have a way of seeing life as being the “half-full glass” where even if things are going downhill. They find something positive to focus on. This way of viewing life is natural for some people, but for the majority of us, it is a learned response. It results from making an intention to look at the positive and not to dwell on the negative. 

Unfortunately, it sounds so easy but in reality, difficult to execute. How do people learn to focus on the half-full glass and not the half-empty one and remain positive? 

How To Deal With Difficult Times

It’s not easy to be thankful when faced with difficult circumstances. However, practicing gratitude helps deal with the most challenging experiences we may face in our lives. – HOW TO GET THROUGH THE TOUGH TIMES IN LIFE

law of attraction how to deal with difficult times

It is the key to optimism and seeing the good in everything. 

Half glass full thinking seeks to clarify a situation before complaining about it. It asks whether a complaint will make the situation better or worse and if it will help to resolve the issue. 

In most cases, the answer to both of these questions is, no. A clear perspective on the situation can help us resolve a situation. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude helps maintain a positive perspective on most things that happen in our life. It helps to keep the glass half-full even in the most difficult circumstances. 

The truth is, we are always surrounded by beauty. The challenge is whether we allow ourselves to see it because life can be very distracting especially if you live a fast-paced lifestyle. If ever you feel stuck, take a pause to be inspired by your surroundings. 


Some of the greatest paintings of all time were inspired by nature. “Irises” by Van Gogh, painted in 1889 was inspired by simple flowers. The thing is that these inspirations are free and ready for you to access it whenever you so choose. 

The key is to be present. 

Becoming “The Thing”

The law of attraction in our lives has become “the thing”. Everyone wants to apply this law in their everyday activities. This is because all of us have dreams and we would want these dreams to come true someday. 

Most of us want a very successful life with plenty of achievements and happiness. We all want to have our desires to come true. Therefore, the law of attraction helps us to tune our minds and feelings to draw the lifestyle that we want. 

Activate Law Of Attraction

law of attraction the mind power

Here are steps to activate the Law of Attraction: 

#1 – Activate The Mind Power

The first thing to do is to describe the type of life that you want and be able to see it in your mind’s eye

When you want something, you should ask from the cosmos and you should also have a picture of what it is. 

Recognition of your dreams and requirements first begins with forming a mental image of whatever you want. Visualization is very important because you are able to involve both your conscious and your subconscious mind. When you do this visualization process, it is important that you feel as if you already have it. 

#2 – Think Positive

law of attraction think positive

The next part is to think positively. If you are negative, the Law of Attraction cannot be activated. 

If you want to achieve the success that you want, then you must be positive. Always think that there are different ways to achieve a goal. Positively affirming yourself is the most important thing. 

#3 – Practice Gratitude

The third step is to practice gratitude in all circumstances.

law of attraction practice gratitude

You should always be thankful and be willing to share the things that you have with others. This way, you will be able to attract more. Always look at what you have instead of what you do not possess. 

Do not compare yourself with those who have more than you. Rather, focus your attention on others who are much less fortunate than you are and struggling to live day by day. This way, you learn to appreciate what you have. 

#4 – Say “NO”

The final step to practice the Law Of Attraction is by learning when to say “no” to things that bring you more harm than good. Learning to say no is a powerful tool that many of us rarely, if ever, use. 


Learning to reject what will harm us in the long term is the key to reducing the amount of stress we carry each day. Therefore we are feeling better about ourselves, as well as the choices we make. 

As we learn to reject the things that harm us, we are more inclined to accept the things that help us. 

How can you tell the difference between what to accept and what to reject to help you stay focused and happy? You need to identify the causes of your distress. 

Focus on activities that positively energize you and avoid those that bring you down. If you feel happy baking during your free time and you find it therapeutic, find time to do more of it. If you feel being surrounded by toxic friends is wasting your time and energy, avoid or disconnect from that circle of friends. 

Growing through stress is sometimes not an entirely bad thing and sometimes we do need to move outside of our comfort zone to achieve progress in our lives. 

The key to knowing what will produce good stress and what will produce negative stress is to have a life plan and only accepting those that contribute to it. 

Now all you need to do is to take massive action and only focus on the good things in life! 

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