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The GROW Model

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Implement Changes in a Successful Way

The GROW model is another useful technique that is utilized in executive coaching. The letter stands for Goals, Reality, Options and Will. This approach to goal setting allows the individual to explore what they want in terms of accomplishments, identify the barriers to manifesting what they want, determine options available to them and choose an action.


In the goal phase, you identify what it is that you want to reach. What are your desires? What would you like to manifest in your life? In that phase, we try to identify something that we really want to accomplish without putting any limitation to our goal. An example of a goal would be to increase our financial wealth.


In the reality phase, we explore our current state and future state. By exploring what our current situation is, we are able to clearly understand the barriers that lies ahead of us. It gives us an idea of what the obstacles are to accomplish our goal. List all the obstacles that are in your way. For example, the obstacle to reach financial wealth could be:

  • Credit Card debt
  • Job that doesn’t pay enough
  • Too many expanses in comparison to the income
  • Chronic disease that requires a lot of expenses

List all the issues that you can think of in regard to what limit you in attaining your goals.


In the option phase, we want to brainstorm on potential solutions but keep a small step approach. The smaller the step is, the easiest it is to do it and the less overwhelm you will be in regard to reaching your goal. When a step is too big, we often find ourselves paralyzed of fear or stress because it feels like it is too big to do. Examples of options would be:

  • Stop using the credit card
  • Research insurances that will make the chronic disease more manageable financially
  • Research jobs to see if we have opportunity to find something better
  • Review expenses on a weekly basis and make changes on spending where it is applicable.

A small step today is all you need to get closer to what you desire.


Now it’s time for you to choose what will be the action that you opt to take. From all the options that you’ve listed previously, which one seems to be an “easy target,” which one seems to be easily implemented into your life now.

Now your turn to try. Answer the following questions based on the GROW model.


What do you want to manifest? Once you’ve manifest what you want, what does that look like? What will you have that you don’t have now? Imagine yourself six months from now, all obstacles are removed and you have manifested what you want: What do you see or feel? What is different from now?


How important is it for you to manifest that goal? How do you feel about that goal? What are you currently doing that lead you to your goal? What are you doing that is getting in the way of your goal? What blocks you from manifesting what you want?


What could you do differently? What strategies do you have to solve the problems identify in the previous step? Is there anyone that could help you with this? What are the steps that you could take to reach your goal?


What will you do and how will you do it? When do you plan on taking those actions? Is there anything that needs to be put in place before doing these actions? What do you need to commit to that goal?

This powerful coaching technique is known to bring success to those who apply. You are invited to apply that questioning process in anything that you would like to manifest. By doing so, you will be more prepared to achieve what you want. In the next chapter, you will learn more practical ways to bring an abundance mindset into your

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