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6. – Self-Renewal: The Pillar Of Strength

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Your Very Own Pillar of Strength; The Act of Self-Renewal

When we discuss about self-renewal. Think about your life today. Is it where you want it to be? What are the things that you want to change? Think in terms of your relationships, habits, finances, spiritual well-being, and even work. All these things impact on the person you want to see yourself as. – Self-Renewal The Pillar Of Strength

As children, we were often asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Teenagers dream about their perfect relationship and young adults plan their next overseas holidays. – The Path Of Self Discovery

As mature adults, we need to recapture our desires and dreams. 

self-renewal sad kid

At this moment of time, do you find yourself focusing on the things you can’t do and lamenting the fact you can’t do them?

Do you wish that you could do some things you enjoy doing better than you can do them?

Most of us have these thoughts and handle them in different ways. Some just continue to do them, and some approach them differently.

So, instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on the things you can do and work on doing them even better.

Self-Renewal: Making Life Goal

All you need to do is make a life inventory and write them down in every area of your life that is important to you.

self-renewal ask-yourself

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What are my goals and dreams?

2. How do my goals and dreams fit into the circumstances of my life at this moment?

3. Where can I find resources to help me achieve my goals?

4. What needs to change so I have time to achieve my goals?

5. With whom can I share these goals so that I have someone to be my cheerleader as I embrace my goals?

Each of these questions help your insights, your ambitions, and goals to create a practical way to work towards achieving them and embracing the life you want for yourself and your family.

self-renewal a goal without a plan

Why? Because most of the time, your goals contradict with your current situations.

If you have a family to take care of, you’ll worry if constant pursuant of your dream will take away the time spent with them.

Act of Isolation

Before you let things get out of hand, always take a time-out. One of the most important aspects of self-renewal is to reflect and reinvent your focus through the act of isolation.


Isolating yourself from the current situation you are in is the best method to regain control of yourself.

One of the key benefits to time-out gives you the chance to take a step back and decide how to move forward in your life.

When you are in the middle of life and all its responsibilities, it’s easier to focus on survival and not on achievement. So, take the time out each year to remake some life goals.

alone time

If you are doing it with a partner, try to schedule alone time during your retreat as well as time together.

Second of all, time out is not a selfish activity, but a time to be critical and honest about yourself and your life.

The focus is to improve your relationships and to help your family and friends. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate what you are doing currently and how you can improve it.

You can always discuss with your partner. Decide on taking the time out together or individually. If children are involved, try to get the help of grandparents, siblings, or friends.

Get On A Vacation

Finally, it is not an act of running away.

Taking a few hours or a few days out of your busy schedule is not running away from your responsibilities. Rather, it is an opportunity to develop a new enthusiasm so you can keep “running towards them”.

So choose a location that will help you to relax. Whether or not it is close to home, the key is to relax and refresh.

relax beach

Don’t bring anything that will act as a distraction. If you take your cell phone with you, have one that does not tempt you to check your email or spend time on the Internet.

But remember, you don’t just take a time-out without a purpose. The whole idea of this act is to renew your self-esteem, goals, and priorities.

Only when you are in a state of peace and relaxation can you truly focus on what must be done in order to achieve your goal. Most times, your goal will affect the people around you. Always take note of that.

Guideline To Focus On Vacation

So, when you arrive at your time-out location, here are some guidelines to help you focus:

1. Evaluate what caused you to feel sad and happy as you review your life. These will help you to focus on things that need addressing in your life.

2. Celebrate the things you have achieved, and the goals you have accomplished.

3. Create action plans for those things you feel sad or dissatisfied with.

Take time this week to enjoy and appreciate the things you are good at, particularly the ones you believe you can do well.

Take advice from your partner or your friends if you are not sure where your strengths lie. Enjoy focusing your time and energy on helping the good become the best and then enjoy your achievements.

Allow yourself to enjoy comments and appreciation of your work is a very good sign of self-renewal. Remember, being happy is a choice, not a pursuit!

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