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Posted By Eunice Olsen

Have you ever turned down an opportunity because you thought it was too small to get involved with?

Or maybe you were just too lazy to look into it and get started?

People often complain that there are no opportunities for them to change their life and achieve their desires. They believe that their current job is all there is and this limits them severely.

Opportunities are all around you. Even having some free time to pursue an interest or make some extra money is an opportunity. The reason that you don’t have what you want in your life is not through lack of opportunities.

What most people do when they come face to face with opportunities is say “no”. We want you to start saying “yes” to some or all of these opportunities. Now this doesn’t mean that we want you to get conned or anything like that. By saying “yes” you are agreeing to look into the opportunity to see if it is for you or not.

When you have the Law of Attraction on your side then you will find that some of these small opportunities turn into much bigger opportunities. You see the people that have these opportunities to offer know that most people will turn them down flat. But when they meet someone positive who says “yes” then they can open the door to bigger things.

If you are offered an opportunity always check it out first. Today we have this wonderful thing called the Internet where you can spend a few minutes searching to see if the opportunity is credible or not.

Whatever you do don’t ask your family or friends for their opinion. Unless they are positive minded like you they will tell you that it is a waste of time and sounds “dodgy” to them. Of course they do not know anything about it and they say they are trying to protect you.

While the “protection” thing is comforting people do not always mean what they say. You are an adult and you do not need their protection to look at an opportunity. Most of these people live under the spell of the default process and believe that everyone should have a job.

It’s not just about Money

There are all kinds of opportunities in life. It is not all about money. If you get the chance to meet new people then you should take it. You just don’t know where this can lead. If you are single you might meet your soul mate through these new people. It has happened before and will continue to happen in the future.

When you apply the Law of Attraction to your life anything is possible. You will start to send out higher levels of energy and strong positive vibrations to the Universe and you will attract many more things than you did before. Love, happiness, wealth, and excitement it is all there waiting for you.

What about Luck?

Here is a classic story that you may be able to relate to. You are in the shopping mall car park and someone calls your name. It is a girl that you went to school with and you haven’t seen her in years. She is getting out of a very expensive luxury car and she has the finest clothes. There is a very handsome man by her side who later find out is her husband.

You chat with her and she tells you that she and her husband run a very successful business. She has a house in a part of town that you can only dream about. It is obvious to you that she has a lot of money and her life is on track.

So what do you think about all of this? Here is what a lot of people will say – “she has always been lucky!”

What you don’t know is that a few years ago she had very little money and was living out of a beaten up car with her man. They had just kicked off their business and there was not much money coming in. They started the business with nothing and took massive action.

She made her own luck and that is what you need to do as well. We are not saying that there is no such thing as luck. Some people do win lotteries but they still have to buy a ticket and choose some numbers. The chances of you sitting at home hoping for a major change in your life are extremely close to zero.

To make the Law of Attraction work for you it is essential that you present yourself to the Universe as someone that is deserving of what you desire. Sitting at home doing nothing thinking that the world is against you will never help you to attract anything worthwhile. It will just attract more misery for you. You need to show the Universe that you are willing to look for opportunities and act on them. If you are offered an opportunity then if it feels right you will look into it further and get started with it if everything checks out. You are not someone who waits around for things to happen and you certainly don’t base your future on luck. In the next chapter we will show you how you can apply the Law of Attraction step by step…

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