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9. – Learn On Manifesting Your Dreams

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Step By Step Guide of Manifesting Your Dreams

We have been told about how you can “manifesting your dreams“, but we are still yet to see any positive change in us. This is because our thought is the one limiting the “who” we wanted to be.

Our thought process plays a big role in our success. Researchers have said that the concept “we are what we say we are” is a statement that greatly influences our identity. Our state of mind drives our actions. We achieve in life when we can visualize our success because It is at this moment our resolve, determination and confidence kicks in. 

They never seem to have a problem and they are able to deal with things in life with composure and grace.

#1 – Be Realistic And Focus

manifesting dream with realistic and focus

The first step in manifesting your dreams is by being realistic and focusing on what you do. 

Don’t let yourself spend time focusing on what you can’t do, but rather on what you are doing and what you can continue to work on towards your goals and dreams. This is because no one ever achieved anything without dreaming and putting that dream into action and succeeding. 

Depending on how you use it, your thoughts can be your worst critic, but it is also your best ally. Your thoughts are partially responsible for your actions and behaviors, therefore you need to guard your thoughts. Subsequently, bring awareness of both negative and positive thoughts and decide which to listen to. 

How do you decide? 


Keep the ones that empower you and discard those that disempowers you. For the ones that keep coming up and disempowers you, you have to ask yourself why? 

If it keeps coming up as a pattern, there is a reason behind it. Observe those thoughts and find the root cause of it. 

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#2 – Surround With Positivity

The second step to put into action is to surround yourself with people who support your goals and create a community that dwells with you in manifesting your dreams.

manifesting your dreams with positivity

Surround yourself with people who support your endeavors and ask them to help you counter your negativity. Nip it in the bud before it has time to cause you to lose your focus. 

#3 – No Excuses

The third step is to get rid of all excuses. 

manifesting your dreams with no excuses

All of us have something we really want to obtain but keep finding excuses not to. Maybe you want to start on a walking routine each day but there are always house chores to do that “must come first.” 

Maybe you plan to take up golf, but there is always one more report to write for work. We are so good at making excuses about why some things are more important than other things, but truth is, life balance means prioritizing time for the things we want to do is as important as doing the things we know we must do. 

We all know how important a diary is and the importance of scheduling our time and planning to achieve the things we need to accomplish. In theory, we would love to execute each and every activity planned for the day as written in our diary, and yet, we still make excuses at the end of the day when we fail to check off everything from the list. 

Keeping On Track

One method to keep track of your unaccomplished tasks is by writing them down and stating the reasons why you did not manage to complete them. 

keep on track

Be honest with yourself about the excuses you made to justify why you didn’t do them. Maybe you felt too tired, or maybe you were fearful of walking that track alone. Or maybe you decided to cook a nice dinner for your family instead of going to the movies. Maybe it’s not as important as you thought it was. 

Everybody wants to be healthy and they know that they need to eat healthily. It’s scheduled in but it’s not taken action upon simply because it’s not top on their value list. 

Remember, excuses don’t have to be negative. Excuses are really choices we make. Sometimes we make choices that are valid, other times; our choices are a reflection of other things going on in our lives. Therefore, writing down our excuses is really about writing down our choices. 

Why did we choose not to do something? 

Did we simply choose to do something else? 

Perhaps we were able to modify a choice to make it more achievable. Once we understand the choices we make, we are in a better position to change our actions, attitudes or behaviors if necessary to make better choices. Our choices are the essential key to how well we prioritize looking after our mental, physical and inner health. 

Good Time Management

The next step to ensure you are on the right track in achieving your dreams is by managing your time. 

time management

Never underestimate the importance of 5 minutes! 

No matter how hectic our days are, we all have 5 minutes to spare in our day and it can do so much to change our perspective on how we go through our daily lives. 

What can be accomplished in 5 minutes and how does it help our journey to self-discovery? 

Practice these 3 activities within 5 minutes if possible, each and every day: 

1. Take 5 minutes each day to clear out some clutter in your life. Maybe a work area, a pantry or a garage. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment when you have completed it! Organizing helps us to think clearer and set our focus. Research shows that people with a tidy work area achieve more productivity than those with a cluttered area. 

2. Take 5 minutes to go for a walk and find something beautiful in your world you haven’t seen before. It will open up a way to count the other blessings in your life that often stay hidden from view as we are often too busy to enjoy them. 

3. Take 5 minutes to pray, meditate or have sessions in your day, where you reflect on yourself and your spiritual health and well-being. 

Never underestimate the power of 5 minutes in your life! 

#4 – Focus Your Strengths

Finally, focus on your strengths. Strength is one of the most important elements in order to be successful in manifesting your dreams.

focus your strength

Do you remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? 

tortoise and hare

We are often told that “slow and steady wins the race” and there is truth in that. What is interesting about this story is that both the tortoise and the hare were using their natural talents. 

They used them to the best of their ability. From the point of view of Personal Development, take a closer look and see what happened in this story. 

When we compare ourselves to the tortoise and the hare we can learn some important life lessons to help us in our endeavors. The tortoise did what he did best, to the best of his ability. He did not let circumstances overwhelm him, but instead, he did what was asked of him and he eventually found success. 

This simply means each and every one of us possess different and unique talents. All that is left to do is to identify what they are and use them to their fullest potential. When we use them to our advantage, we can surely beat any circumstances and manifesting our dreams!

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